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Evan Anderson

Evan Anderson

New Haven, CT

Having honed his distinct brand of guitar work performing with prominent experimental rock bands in the Pacific Northwest (Heavy Petting, Merso), Evan Anderson’s latest musical output centers around instrumental compositions for the solo guitar. Anderson’s work is deeply conversational, exhibiting an organic and intuitive compositional style that simultaneously invokes the narrative dynamism of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and the grace and fluidity of John Fahey.

His latest work “Otoño” features a collaboration with visual artist Daphne Agosin.


“Anderson is a deft player, emotive and dextrous, his solo acoustic guitar recorded crisply and intimately.” - Ryan Masteller, Tiny Mix Tapes

“Shimmering yet dusty, world-weary yet youthful, Evan Anderson’s four pieces that comprise ‘Pillow Talk’ are the dream recordings of the solo guitarist.” - Ryan Masteller, Cassette Gods


“Otoño” - DDF 011 // C12 Cassette and Digital Download

“Pillow Talk” - DDF 006 // C28 Cassette and Digital Download


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