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Philadelphia, PA

Sadurn (Genevieve DeGroot, Jon Cox) and Ther (Andi Jones) teamed up during the Winter Solstice of 2018 to record a split EP ahead of their joint tour in January, 2019.

The release features gorgeous vocal harmonies accompanied by warm, Americana-laced arrangements. Poetic ruminations by Genevieve and Andi expanded by John’s fluid guitar-playing build on the EP’s intimacy, constructing an emotionally bittersweet tone that channels trepidation and nostalgia alongside joy and present-mindedness.

Eschewing a finite narrative, these six songs create a contemplative space for the listener to exist in.


Praise for Sadurn/Ther Split

"Their collaboration is innate and the results are spectacular." - Patrick Pilch, Post-Trash


Sadurn/Ther Split - DDF 014 // Cassette and Digital Download


Sadurn: Bandcamp // Facebook

Ther: Bandcamp // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

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