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The Tender Band

The Tender Band

New York, NY

Comprised of synth mages Gavin Price and John Gasper, The Tender Band constructs lengthy passages of spacey dream music that, somewhat paradoxically, channel infinite peace and icy horror at the same time.

The duo’s latest work “One Small Step” served as the score for an eponymous multi-media stage performance by St. Fortune Productions that premiered in July 2018 as part of the prestigious Off-Broadway Ice Factory Festival in New York City.

On “One Small Step,” instrumental reflections on the solitude (and magnitude) of the Apollo 11 moon landing transition into dark pop (exemplified by the album’s track “I Am The Moon,” featuring guest vocals by Jack Frederick). Hazy transmissions from the voyage’s astronauts reverberate throughout the album’s expansive sonic environment, bouncing in and out of drones artfully coaxed out of a variety of analog synthesizers.

In addition to co-writing the score and recording the album, Price also directed the stage performance of “One Small Step.”


“It’s a gorgeous piece of work, and fascinating from start to finish.” -Ryan Masteller, Tabs Out


“One Small Step” - DDF 008 // C60 Cassette and Digital Download


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