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Warm Dust

Warm Dust

Brattleboro, VT

Warm Dust (FMA Cold Clod) is the brain child of Brattleboro-based avant-folkist Benjamin Currotto.

Featuring a diverse cast of guest musicians including Christina Puerto (Bethlehem Steel, Giants), Jesse Moy (Giants), and experimental guitarist Alex Maddelena (Host), Warm Dust’s latest record “Breaks Up” radiates naturalistic warmth and showcases Currotto’s addictively earnest songwriting. The album weaves between cosmological themes of life, decay, and interconnectivity in the animal world, offering a life-affirming perspective badly needed in today’s often depressing socio-political landscape.

Employing acoustic instrumentation, field recordings, and carefully melded vocal harmonies, “Breaks Up” is the aural equivalent of the best forest walk you’ve ever been on.


“…the band's new album is full of texture and auxiliary pleasures, something new to hear under each delicate layer, as stunning at its most stripped and lush.” - Dan Goldin, Post-Trash

“An impressionistic patchwork results from the ensemble's congress, strung together with ruminations and reflections plucked from a great collective unconscious.” - Jordan Adams, Seven Days


“Breaks Up” - DDF 007 // C42 Cassette and Digital Download

“Through A Window, A Wave” - DDF 002 // C38 Cassette and Digital Download


Warm Dust: Twitter // Bandcamp